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  10th July 2010 Fernhurst  
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Not your average gift list

We are not expecting you to buy us anything. Having you present at our celebrations is gift enough. However if you did want to make a contribution to our wedded future, we have developed something slightly different. Click on the poem below to see more.

We lived together before this wedding, we have the crockery, toaster and bedding.
So what to get for the bride and groom whose house is full in every room?
To save you looking, shopping and buying, here's an idea you might like trying.
Moving house is on the cards but saving alone will be so hard.
So please go here and buy us a brick, or a window, or door with just one click.
Now we’ve saved you all the fuss we hope you'll come and celebrate with us.
Once we've replaced the old with the new, we can look back and say it was thanks to you!

If buying us a brick is a bit too weird, or you don't feel comfortable purchasing (donating) online but still want to give us something to start us on our way into married life, we would be more than happy with a more tangible gift. There will be a post box in the marquee on the day to allow you to leave your gift in a safe place.

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